New sets added!

~ Unhinged is now open! SLurl ~

A bunch of new sets have definitively been added so far this week. Here’s the current schedule:

Sunday November 18 at 10pmSLT:

Tracer Graves is back with electronica, trance and other digital sounds for your Sunday night. Soon as I know who’s hosting I’ll let you know.
Gothika’s own Suicide Girl, Rydia Suicide will be hosting. (Thanks, babboo. <3)

Monday November 19 at 8pm SLT:
The Freakkitteh Herself, Ms. Lokii Violet will be back at Unhinged doing… whatever the hell it is she does on Mondays. EBM, Industrial, Aggrotech, Hellektro and other noise. Bringing the noise with her is the other Spiral Twin, Rydia “Sushipants” Suicide.

Monday November 19 at 10pm SLT:
Hey if Lokii’s already going to be there I may as well too. I’ll be doing my usual set, the Monday Night Dark and Sticky, full of ebm, synthpop, futurepop, electronica and other things what go ping. I’m roping Lokii Violet into hosting for me though, in exchange.
Tuesday, November 20 at 7pm SLT: Siggy Romulus is back (because when you have 27 people listening to you in the dead middle of the night, it’s a sign you should come back…) He’ll be doing… well whatever it is he damned well wants, I suppose.  No idea who’s hosting it yet, but watch this space. Oh boy, this ought to be entertaining… Nephilaine Protagonist is going to host for him. (She’s also his wife IRL, which makes throwing things at his head a distinct possibility…)
Wednesday, November 21 at 10am-noon SLT: Cruel Britannia comes back to Unhinged for more goth, wave and bacon. Not sure who’s hosting it yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. The set will be hosted by The Freakkitteh Herself, The Lokapottamus, the Fapmingo, Gothika’s own Lokii Violet.

Thursday, November 22 at 10am SLT: Yes, I know it’s Foodmas in the US.  But I’m bringing back the Unhinged Swing for 2 more hours of swing, big band and jazz standards, all suitable for cooking turkey by and remembering how much you hate your relatives.   Just crank up the volume and swing through the cranberry sauce.   Wait, that sounds so wrong…..  In any case, the host will be Gothika’s own beloved Batmoo, Orvan Taurus.

Friday, November 23 at 8am SLT: DJ Aribeth Zelin returns with an eclectic mix of whatever she feels like that morning. Hosted by the lovely Shiloh Lyric.
Friday, November 23 from noon-2pm: Roxanne Bloobury is back, fighting back with a blend of rock, pop and blues(which I still keep wanting to type as Bloos.) Host info as I have it.

Friday November 23 at 4pm SLT: DJ Sredni Vashtar is back with a 2 hour set all about Sci-Fi, Robots, Time Lords, and Pizza. Host info as I have it.

Friday November 23 at 8pm SLT: Spiral Twin Friday moves to Unhinged, with The Freakkitteh Herself, Ms. Lokii Violet spinning the music, and the other one- The Loafy Loaf of Loafness, Ms. Rydia Suicide as her host, spinning ebm, harsh ebm, industrial, aggrotech and hellektro.

Friday, November 23 at 10pm SLT:
DJ Rydia Suicide, Gothika’s own Suicide Girl will be doing her regular set, and taking everyone farther down the spiral with a mix of darkstep, dubstep, industrial, ebm and other dark wonderments. Accompanying her in the madness will be the Freakitteh Herself, Ms. Lokii Violet.


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