On November 15th begins a new charity gacha festival in Second Life. It is called Unhinged and its goal is getting Eku Zhong of Culprit a prosthesis as strong as her spirit. You can read more about the festival and Eku here.

The blogger applications for the event are open now and you can find them here. The rules are simple and rather relaxed.

Blogger requirements:

All bloggers will have early access to the area of the event. Review copies are up to the designers’ own discretion, since some have their own blogger groups. However, there will be a platform available for those who wish to set up review copies for event bloggers or even other event creators. There will be no policing about how much you blog, but we hope you would make at least two blog posts about the event. We would also love it if you added the pictures you take to our Flickr Group.

All applications will be looked at and the chosen bloggers will be invited to the group near the early access date and further informed on any event news.

So as you can see it´s pretty simple and straightforward, but if any doubts should arise please feel free to contact the blogger coordinators by im in world, plurk, pm on SLU or skype.

Thank you very much,

Elysium Hynes & Sonya Marmurek
(Blogger Coordinators)


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