A list of merchants contributing to Unhinged (more names being added daily)

If you would like to contribute items, please leave us a comment below with your store name and/or avatar name. (Comments are held for privacy) Or, you can contact Nephilaine Protagonist, Dolce Blackflag, or Chandra Masala via plurk or inworld. ❤


7 thoughts on “Merchants

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  5. Hello, please, I’d like to help, but I am still a bit clueless about how. I guess that you will invite me to join the group, and send me a vendor or/and a gatcha machime?

    If I can choose, I would preffer a vendor, rather thana gatcha machime, but anyhow, no problem if it has to be a gatcha. Btw. My store in marketplace is JASMA Creations. I manage it with my “business alt” and its name is JASMAcreations Resident. This is the link to my store in MP


    Jasmyn Vaher

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