Posters have been sent out to the Unhinged group. You can find them in notices.  There’s two different regular festival ones, and one DJ event poster.   Each one gives information and landmarks on touch. The posters themselves are full perm.
Plaster the grid, gang!



Unhinged Official Bloggers

Thank you so much to all who took the time to fill out our application! The list will grow as more applications are handled, but so far the selected official bloggers for Unhinged are:

Group invites for DJs/Hosts

Group invites for DJs and Hosts are current. I sent them all out just now. Anyone who was in the group anyway, I added an extra tag (whichever one applied) to your group membership- you can find it in the dropdown box. If you need a resend, just let me know.  (I expect I’ll have to do several rounds of those.)
I still need DJs for 10am and Noon on the 15th, too, and there’s a couple of host slots still available.



The Return of the Event Schedule!

I am opening up Saturday, November 17th to people too.  There’s a number of people who wanted slots, but asked for times I already had filled by other people.  Please save me a lot of insanity, and if you want one of these slots AND HAVE ALREADY FILLED OUT AN APP to simply claim a time in comments. Don’t say “oh whenever you want.”  I don’t have to be there. YOU do.  So please let me know what time is best for you.

If you haven’t filled out an application yet, please do so.  I’ll update this page with that schedule as it fills out.

Noon-2pm: DJ Roxanne Bloobury   host: NorikoChan Kutenai

genres:  Rock, pop and blues (or is that bloos?)

2-4pm: DJ Tracer Graves

genres: electronica


The Opening Event Schedule (preliminary)

Sorry for the delay, everyone.  Between Halloween, Hurricane Sandy and Nor’Easter Athena (yeah they’re naming those too now) I’ve been a little buried.  I appreciate everyone’s patience.

As it stands now we have a number of DJs/Performers, but we are low on hosts.  So if you know of someone who will host WITH you (if youre a performer) let me know in comments.

As you know, the initial 24 hours are planned as nonstop music events, which will take place on the evens. (midnight, 2, 4, etc.) with 2 hour sets. this will begin at 8am SLT on November 15.  The following is a preliminary schedule.  Open spots are still open- if you want to fill one, just go to the page for performers and fill that in with which slot you’d like. THE FOLLOWING TIMES ARE IN SLT.  THIS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  (void where prohibited, no purchase necessary, your mileage may vary.)

8am:  The Doctor  Host: Purity Pearl

Genres: Live mixing of electronica – House, Dubstep, Electro Swing

10am: DJ Bronxelf  host: Sonya (the superhero bunny) Marmurek

genres: swing, standards, oldies, failed alliteration.

noon:  DJ Cruel Britannia  Host: Lokii (dragging her feline ass out of bed) Violet

genres:  goth, darkwave, dark alternative, and bacon.

2pm: DJ Cruel Britannia  Host: Kostika Mistwalker

genres: goth, darkwave, dark alternative and more bacon. Because you can never have too much bacon.

4pm: DJ Sredni Eel host: PepperAnne Mint

genres: goth, new wave, eclectic elder gods.

6pm:  Grace Adamski host: Chavonne Mcauley

genres: a bit of everything – oldies, classic rock, modern rock and top 40.

8pm: DJ Lokii (the Lokapottamus, the Fapmingo, the Freakkitteh Herself) Violet  Host: Rydia “Sushipants” Suicide

genres: ebm, industrial and nonsense.

10pm: DJ Bronxelf  host: Orvan “The Batmoo” Taurus

genres: ebm, synthpop, aggrotech, and things that go ping. (also goth, because duh.)

midnight: The Divine Ms. M  host: LadyQuinn Aura

genres: electronica, perhaps electro swing or maybe ghetto funk (or whatever she feels like at the time.)

2am: DJ Siggy Romulus host: Orvan “The Batmoo” Taurus (you’re not allowed to eat him , Siggy.)

Genres: a madman’s whirlwind of eclectic music and a lot of swearing. (seriously. not even kidding about that.)

4am: DJ Ailsa Muliaina host: Vicki Eriksen

Genres:  Rock and pop

6am: DJ Aribeth Zelin  host: Misty Harley

genres: psychedelic rock, prog rock, early metal, punk, goth, post-punk and steampunk

Because I took applications in the order in which I received them (and a bunch of slots were snapped up before apps even went out) I have some duplicate time slots here.  Because it’s the Gothika stream being used, I am happy to offer it up to anyone who sent me an application with a slot that was already taken to do a a set on Saturday, November 17.  I’m going to send out an email to those folks right now (eta: DONE.)  I don’t want to turn anyone away who wants to help Eku out but there’s only 24 hours in a day. If you’d like to snap up one of the 2 remaining slots– the last remaining slot – send me an app.  There’s one outstanding application that wasn’t very specific on time, from a live performer. When I hear back from them as to their availability that last slot may be gone.   But as I said- I don’t want to turn anyone away who wants to help, so duplicate availabilities can be filled on Saturday, November 17.

Again, thanks for everyone’s patience. I should have everything solidified by the 11th, and I’ll have a poster for it as soon as I’ve got it all together, barring another natural disaster hitting NYC.